Gyor hotels*** - Gyor hotel reservation

Gyor hotels*** - Gyor hotel reservation


Hotel Ibis Gyor *** in Gyor - 3 star hotels in Gyor , Ibis Gyor, Gyor hotels from € 40.43

Hotel Ibis*** Gyor - Akcios Ibis Hotel Gyor centrumaban * * *

The brand new 3-star hotel ibis Gyor will open its doors in August 2007 only 800 metres from the city centre's walking area in Gyor. The hotel awaits its guests with soundproofed, air conditioned rooms. Internet /WIFI/ connection is available in the rooms. The underground garage of the hotel gives security for the guests'car for a nightly fee. Hotels in Gyor. Hotel Ibis*** Gyor  - Akcios Ibis Hotel Gyor centrumaban  Price list, Online Reservation

Famulus Hotel Gyor in Gyor - 4-star business hotel Famulus - GYOR, Hotels In Gyor

Hotel Famulus**** Gyor - Akcios Famulus Hotel Gyor centrumaban * * * *

 The 4-star Hotel Famulus – business and conference hotel - is located in the vicinity of the city center of Gyor, next to the Arkad Shopping Center. All hotel rooms are equipped with Internet connection and air conditioning. Guests arriving by car can park their cars in the hotel’s parking area free of charge. The conference rooms with different sizes are ideal venues for the organisation of any type of events. Hotels In Gyor. Hotel Famulus**** Gyor  - Akcios Famulus Hotel Gyor centrumaban  Price list, Online Reservation

Hotel Raba City Center Gyor - Gyor Raba hotel - 3 star hotel Raba - Gyor hotels

Hotel Raba City Center*** Gyor - Akcios Raba Hotel Gyor centrumaban * * *

The 3-star Hotel Raba City Center is situated in the historic part of Gyor, near the Wien - Budapest main road. Fully equipped rooms, family apartments and air-conditioned business suites provide conveniences for undisturbed privacy and for guests staying for longer periods. Hotels In Gyor. Hotel Raba City Center*** Gyor  - Akcios Raba Hotel Gyor centrumaban  Price list, Online Reservation

Amstel Hattyu Inn Gyor - Gyor hotels - accommodation in Gyor, Gyor hotels

Amstel Hattyu Fogado*** Gyor - Akcios fogado Gyor centrumaban   Pension 

If you like to eat well, drink fine beers, listen to good music, to have a quite rest, a pleasant getting away from it all, you can find all these possibilities in the same place, in one of the most beautiful parts of Győr (in West–Hungary), only a few-minutes walk far from the historic centre, in the AMSTEL-HATTYÚ Fogadó (AMSTEL-SWAN Inn) lying on the bank of the Moson-Danube. Hotels In Gyor. Amstel Hattyu Fogado*** Gyor  - Akcios fogado Gyor centrumaban  Price list, Online Reservation

Gyor hotels - Gyor Hotel Fonte - Hotel Fonte restaurant and hotel in Gyor from € 60

Hotel Fonte*** Gyor - Akcios Hotel Gyor centrumaban * * *

The 3-star Fonte Hotel is located in the historical downtown of Gyor, in the neighbourhood of the National Theatre. The rooms have high quality equipment, some rooms are air-conditioned and all rooms have Internet-connection. In the hall of the hotel we undertake the organisation of family events, class reunions and banquets. Hotel Fonte*** Gyor  - Akcios Hotel Gyor centrumaban  Price list, Online Reservation

 Garzon Plaza Hotel Gyõr- four star hotel in Győr with discount prices from € 72

Hotel Garzon Plaza**** Gyor - Akcios felpanzios wellness hotel Gyorben * * * *

Hotel Garzon Plaza is located in Győr, near the Pláza and the Győri hospital, not more than 2 kilometers from the city center. The four-star hotel’s wellness area is an ideal place for the people that are seeking relaxation. The hotel’s modern conference rooms provide an ideal spot for corporate conferences and meetings. The hotel’s parking space is protected with crossing gates and is monitored by cameras. Plaza Hotel Gyor is situated near the Plaza shopping center and the hospital of Gyor, only 2 km away from the city center. The four-star hotel's wellness area is ideal for relaxation. The hotel's modern conference rooms provide the ideal venue for corporate events and conferences. The hotel is protected by a barrier and camera-monitored parking is provided for guests. Hotel Garzon Plaza**** Gyor  - Akcios felpanzios wellness hotel Gyorben  Price list, Online Reservation

Hotel Isabell Gyor - 4-star hotel in Gyor - Gyor hotels - Hungary

Hotel Isabell**** Gyor - Akcios Isabell Hotel Gyor centrumaban * * * *

The 4-star Hotel Isabell was opened in 2006 at a five minutes walking distance from the historical city centre of Gyor, 200 meters from the thermal bath. Guests’ convenience is ensured by 12 modern air-conditioned rooms, a restaurant, a sauna and a covered garage. All the rooms are non-smoking, Internet access is available.   Hotel Isabell**** Gyor  - Akcios Isabell Hotel Gyor centrumaban  Price list, Online Reservation

Hotel Kalvaria Gyor - Gyor hotels - 4-star hotel in Gyor

Hotel Kalvaria**** Gyor - AKCIOS Kalvaria Hotel Gyor * * * *

The 4-star Hotel Kalvaria is situated near the baroque inner city of Gyor, close to the thermal bath with easy access. All hotel rooms are air conditioned and are equipped with Internet-connection. The Carmen Restaurant of Hotel Kalvaria ensures culinary pleasures. In the hotel there is a fitness room, sauna, solarium and massages can be required. We offer complete dental treatments for our guests. Hotels In Gyor. Hotel Kalvaria**** Gyor  - AKCIOS Kalvaria Hotel Gyor  Price list, Online Reservation

Hotel Klastrom Gyor - Cheap 3-star castle hotel in Gyor

Hotel Klastrom*** Gyor - Akcios Kastelyhotel Gyorben * * *

Hotel Klastrom is located in Gyor, in the vicinity of Raba Quelle Spa-, Thermal and Fun Bath. The 3-star castle hotel awaits its guests with uniquelly equipped rooms, restaurant with contemporary ambience and conference services in the downtown of Gyor. Hotel Klastrom*** Gyor  - Akcios Kastelyhotel Gyorben  Price list, Online Reservation

Hotel Revesz - Gyor - Revesz hotel - Hotels in Gyor

Hotel Revesz*** Gyor - Akcios hotel Gyorben * * *

The 3-star Revesz Hotel is the second largest hotel of Gyor. The hotel is situated only 10 minutes far from the city centre and the thermal bath. The hotel offers 65 guest rooms and apartments. Revesz Restaurant awaits the guests with Hungarian cuisine, fish- and vegetarian specialities. Guarded parking. Hotels In Gyor. Hotel Revesz*** Gyor  - Akcios hotel Gyorben  Price list, Online Reservation